Today In History: The Plague Marches On.

Today’s blog will be an entry based entirely off of opinion and observation. I felt it necessary to skip the today in history theme and write about something more important.

Today, I write to you not as an historian or an academic. I come to you as a citizen of humanity.

Today, I write to you from a deeper place. Today, I am saddened. I am troubled.

I am saddened by the images of burning torches that lit the night. I am saddened by images of Confederate flags representing a state’s right to enslave other human beings. I am saddened by the the images of flags bearing the swastika. A symbol that has come to represent facism – vicious and zealous government rule. A symbol that is the antithesis of democracy.

As I read the news today, I saw a group of folks who are not uninformed – but misinformed. It is important that we make this distinction because hate is taught. Love is natural.

It is not lost on me that just yesterday I wrote a blog about the Watt’s Riots. Though I condemned the violence and the looting I stood for the right of those individuals to protest.

I will say the same for these individuals walking today. Yes, even racists and neo-Nazi’s have every right to peaceably assemble. As do their counter-protesters.

In yesterday’s blog I wrote that racial tensions have not gone away in America. This is true. I put so much emphasis on this point because many folks choose to believe that we live in a post-racial society. We don’t.

We have a movement of racists and neo-Nazi’s parading the streets right now. They are upset. They are upset because they feel their country has been taken over and given to the minority population.

Not statistically, not empirically, not in any legitimate way is this true. But, each person is entitled to believe as they choose.

It is important that we remember history so that we can avoid repeating it. Clearly, not enough people have learned that. Clearly, it hasn’t resonated with enough people that the science propagating racism is unfounded. It hasn’t resonated with enough people that the swastika represents fascist rule – and that facism is the antithesis of freedom. It hasn’t resonated with enough people that the President determines the course of our nation. That the attitude – the attitude leading to these riots is determined by our nation’s leader.

History tells us a few things about the institution of hate: When we accept hate freedoms are taken.
When we accept hate, innocent men and women die in the streets.
When we accept hate, we are breeding violence.

Hate is built on misinformation. Misinformation is built on a willful ignorance to the world around you.

The folks marching today are purely misinformed, ignorant, racists with malice in their hearts. I refuse to say it any other way. Our nation has no room for racism.


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