The Great American Hero

Many hail Gen. George Washington as an American hero. He is. But, if asked why, most might say it was because he crossed the Delaware River, in unforgiving conditions, in an organized surprise attack against the Hessians. A critical battle. This is depicted in that well-known painting. Others might say it is due to his … Continue reading The Great American Hero


Ponzi Scheme Ended. Madoff Jailed.

On December 11, 2008, Bernard Madoff, financier and Wall Street conman was arrested in his New York City apartment. He was charged with carrying-out a Ponzi scheme that had lasted nearly 20 years. It is estimated that this charade involved an upwards of $65 billion. It would be one of the largest investment frauds on … Continue reading Ponzi Scheme Ended. Madoff Jailed.

“The Smartest Guys In The Room…?”

Perhaps it's fitting that, on this day, we're talking about the greed and malpractice of wealthy elites. Or, perhaps, it's a mere coincidence. Either way, it was December 2nd, 2001, that energy giant Enron filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This announcement would uncover, what I would argue, is the largest corporate scandal in U.S. history. … Continue reading “The Smartest Guys In The Room…?”